Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My brain hurts....

Well... these last few days have been eventful...

I basically have my schedule set up for every day. It goes something like this.

6:15 AM: My alarm clock starts singing "DEAR JAMIE... I GOT A FREAKING LETTER THAT I WOULD FREAKING LIKE TO SEND..." and I frantically turn it off because I feel bad because my roommate is sleeping not 3 feet away from me. (We live in a very small room... because it was cheaper. But don't worry, it is already on the road to becoming decorated and awesome... anyways)

6:30: "I WOULD HAVE USED A PENCIL" oh my freaking gosh how could 15 minutes have already passed???????? At this point I kind of fall out of bed and go to my bedroom door... and pull with all of my might to open it because it doesn't really like to open or close...

6:35-7:15: Start doing my hair and make up all the while cursing the gods that I am a girl and that I have to look cute; whereas if I was a guy I could just roll out of bed and go to school... I also eat somewhere in that time, which is probably my favorite part of the morning. Also I seem to have a tendency to watch depressing youtube videos every morning...

7:15-7:45: Walk to work. Yup, that's right, its a 30 minute walk to my work. I could drive, but my car that I thought was miraculously healed all of the sudden stalls all the freaking time. So I am terrified to drive... even though my roommate is not but suddenly I am scared to drive at all because I watched this scary movie this morning about driving... (here, I will give you the website.... (If you want to watch it and feel slightly sick afterwards, here it is... http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1388779851607&ref=mf)

7:45 - infinity... ok, to 11:00 : Work.

Classes until, like, 6.

So my brain hurts... partially because I have not been getting enough sleep, and partially because byu assigns entirely too much homework. So I think that I am going to go and take a nap.

On second thought, don't watch that video... its freaking disturbing, y'all... unless you already watched it, then I apologize. Why don't I just take it off of my blog? Partially because I'm lazy and I don't want to go edit it, and partially because I want someone else to be horrified. GAH.


  1. ............... I watched the video and am now sick to my core, especially because a portion of those were real videos.

  2. I know... I started hyperventilating... sorry for sharing the horror.

  3. I was screaming inside.... you should be. That was a horrible thing to post

  4. At first i Laughed, but when i saw the children my heart sunk. I didnt even watch the whole thing not even half, Blahh i gotta scrape off this bitter/depressing feeling with a funny Asian video

  5. dude that was the worst video I've ever seen. i hate you for posting it. and i hate myself for watching the whole thing.