Monday, June 28, 2010

Scott hates my blog

So my "friend" Scott (he really isn't my friend because he calls me ugly and stuff, but I still talk to him because I am a nice person and that is what nice people do, even though Scott says I am not nice when really he is the meany...) Anyways he said that he glanced at my blog and that he hated it and thought it was sucky, so I thought that I would dedicate this blog to him.

Scott, here are some things that you should never say to girls:

1. That their blog (that they spend many hours writing for and drawing pictures for) is sucky.
2. That they are ugly. I don't care if it is out of context, or if you did apologize later. NEVER call a girl ugly. (Yes, dear readers, Scott called me ugly. I asked him to help me pick a profile picture and his reply was, "No, I don't want to, because you are UGLY." ............. I know.)
3. Don't tell a girl to stop "being the way you are." (Basically the last thing that Scott said to me before I started writing this blog)
4. Don't try to trip girls in the kitchen when they are carrying sharp objects.
5. Don't tell a girl you hate them... every day.

These are just a few things, scotty boy, that you should remember when interacting with the opposite sex.

I really hope that you take these guidelines to heart, because if you do then there is a possibility that I could one day be friends with you.

*On a side note, I just got over a freaking flu bug that made me puke so very much and I looked like death and I very well might possibly write a blog about it later but at the moment all I want to do is leave this room because Scott is in it and I want to go swimming. But here is a picture of me all sick and stuff. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Short shorts

So my friend Anna and I decided that we were going to leave Aspen Grove to go down to Provo for a few hours. We planned it out strategically so that we could leave right after I was done working lunch and be back by dinner...

I think that I got overly excited for this trip. I thought about it all day as I was wiping tables and mopping... and then I realized that I could wear something besides my traditional Aspen Grove T-shirt and pants... So I started of thinking of things that I could wear that I wouldn't even be ALLOWED to wear here, like a halter-top dress or even... a tank top. How scandalous.

I ended up wearing a modest t-shirt, but I put on super short shorts. I was really excited to show of my tanned legs (thanks to many hours spent by the pool) but I didn't want anyone at camp to see my legs and think me a skank... so I call up Anna and tell her to meet me by her car so I didn't have to walk into the staff cabin and have everyone judge me and think me a slut.

I even walked the back way up to the staff cabin, because I had walked that trail many times and never encountered another human being on it.

But of course, today would be the day that I would.

Before I launch into my story, I just want to say that I have never seen anyone in the staff or even the campers that were wearing shorts as short as mine. I felt so scandalous... I really really really wanted to get to Provo where my shorts would be more inconspicuous.

Anyways, I run into a really nice staff-guy on the trail. He looked at me, then at my legs, and then back at me, with a look in his eyes that said "................ HARLOT."

I sighed, and walked past him. I was upset that today was the day I ran into someone whilst wearing my stumpety shorts...

and then I ran into my manager.

Correction: I saw my manager, freaked out, put on my sunglasses, and darted behind a rock. He had his head slightly down, so I started darting in between trees while frantically pulling down on my shorts in hopes that they would suddenly cover my knees.

They maybe got pulled down another inch... I panicked, but soon my manager was past me and the danger was averted.

Or so I thought. :O

I get in the car with Anna, and thankfully she doesn't judge my trampy legs. She then informed me that we were going to go to the pharmacy, and then the store, and maybe the BYU campus.

.............. the BYU campus.

Holy crap.

Why, oh why, did I decide to wear these shorts? "Whatever" I thought to myself, "you just gotta rock the shorts and pretend like it doesn't bother you."

But it really really really bothered me... everyone on campus with their beautiful knee-length shorts looked at me with such disdain... they would look at me, look at my thighs, and then look back at me with their eyebrows raised and say "You slutty skanky strumpety slut."................ ok, they wouldn't say it out loud, but they thought it loud enough that I got the message.

( I apologize for the quality of this picture... I drew in in like two minutes flat... I don't have much time anymore. I also apologize that everyone besides myself are shirtless, bald, and have no feet.)

Sigh... I think that these shorts are forever going to hide in my closet untouched.

* So I just read over my blog, and I found I used all of these words: slut, slutty, skanky, harlot, strumpety, trampy. I didn't know that there were so many similes for the word "slut"

Monday, June 21, 2010

Awkwardness around boys

So... I have always been awkward around boys... up until about a year ago, I was painfully awkward around boys. Like... I couldn't talk when they were around me. They would say things to me and I would reply "yah and then I, uh, I , uh, well, bite, wait, uh..." and then look away pitifully.

Lets just say, I didn't kiss a boy until I got out of high school. And even though that was awesome, I still felt awkward around this boy...

And then I went to college, and started hanging out with a bunch of people who didn't know that I was a socially awkward moron and I was able to, lets say, fake it until I made it.

But still, do this day, I still am a dork around boys. For example, this way cute camper came up this last week and I had a bit of a crush on him (he was my friends cousin)...

Anyways, I was trying to find ways to talk to my latino boy (that is what me and all of my friends called him) so I would randomly clean tables that were close to him, or walk in his general direction when I saw that he was dumping his tray... I was using any reason to get close to him in hopes that he would say something to me so that I could talk back to him... I was hoping he would say something like, "I like your flake flower in your hair" and I could say "Thanks" while looking up at him through my eyelashes because I hear that is a very sexy thing to do, except for that every time I do it I end up looking like a serial killer.

But soon I realized that I was probably going to have to talk to him first...but as I said, socially awkward girl here, so I kind of only talked to him about food. I would ask him if he liked the pizza, or if he tried the feta cheese...

Anyways... I get back to all of my friends and tell them excitedly, "I talked to my latino boy!!" and all of my friends were like "Way to go!" "you are amazing!" "you are awesome! "you are so sexy!" ...... ok so maybe they didn't say the last thing, but still, we all knew they were thinking it. haha. Anyways, my friends were like, "What did you talk to him about?"

Me: .... Cheese

Friends: ..............

Me: What?

Friends: You talked to him about cheese?

Me: What? Cheese is a very sexy thing to talk about... (I turn on the seductiveness towards my friends) What kind of cheese is on your sandwich??

Friends: silence

Me: See, wasn't that sexy??

Friends: silence. You have to talk to him about something other than cheese, ok?

I did eventually end up talking to him like a normal human being, which pleases me extremely much so. And just yesterday, someone told me that I was ranked one of the top five flirtiest girls at camp. That fact blew my mind. Maybe I am slowly digging my way out of my pit of socially awardness. Yay for me!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

All day party

So last night I went to a small place called Tabiona for a party ... I'm not going to lie, I was a bit nervous, because I didn't know many people who were going to be going there. But I had some of my best friends with me, so I knew that even if all the people we were going to spending the day with turned out to be socially awkward weirdos who collect their toenails, that I could still hang with my girls and have a good time.

The only problem was I was extremely tired. Like, the kind of tired where you try so desperately to keep your eyes open even though they are sagging uncontrollably. So I get the brilliant idea that I should get a Dr. Pepper at McDonalds, for that little caffeine boost.

So I order a small Dr. Pepper when the I hear the lady from the speaker box ask me tentatively "Um... would you like to make that a large Dr. Pepper for the same price."

Best moment ever? Don't be so sure.

Because I downed that drink in like ten minutes flat.

And I had a hour and a half drive ahead of me.

And I already have to pee.

So... anyways, I get to the party and the first thing that I say to the group of people who know nothing about me is "Do you have a bathroom??"

Looking back on this moment, I shake my head in shame. Because I am asking this question right outside of their house... so of course they had a bathroom. I am ashamed of myself.

Anyways, after a few hours of volleyball, (which I hit the ball successfully three times!) bonfire (I made the perfect marshmallow after twenty minutes of twirling it on top of the coals) and country dancing (....................................) me and my girl Jess decide to play Foosball.

So there I am, pleasantly playing what is quite possibly the most boring game of Foosball in the history of Foosball, because neither Jess or I was very good at the game, so it took us forever to make a goal, and the only time we made goals is when the ball would slowly roll into the goal and we couldn't stop it. It was pitiful, but fun none the less.

And that is when I saw it.

A giant moth, circling the light bulb above us... it looked something like this.

So, I did what any rational, sane human being would do. I curled up into a ball on the floor (as far away from the light as possible) and grab the foosball to defend myself.

My friend Jess decides that she is going to catch this moth... with her bare hands. I thought she was clearly insane, but I was too frightened for myself to say anything... and plus, I wanted that moth gone, and if that meant I had to sacrifice my friend, then I would do it.

So Jess catches the moth ... which was pretty freaking awesome, I am not going to lie. But then something terrible happened. Jess's face went from pure excitement that she actually caught the moth, to the realization that her she was holding a terrifying moth, to pure terror.

So she did what she thought was rational.

She freaking threw the moth at me. Like... chucked it at my face as I was lying on the ground.

I panicked. I threw the foosball right into the moth's face.....

........ And we never saw the moth again (said in the deep movie voice-over voice...)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My life, up to date

Sorry, readers (If I have any...) that I haven't been posted blogs as often as I once was. Its just that I am now working up at a campsite at Aspen Grove, and literally I am just busy all day long.

I absolutely love it up here. It is honestly and truly the prettiest place I have ever seen in my whole life. I live at the top of a mountain, with mountains surrounding me, and all of the mountains are covered in evergreens. There is a stream that runs through the middle of the campsite, so that I constantly am hearing the sound of rushing water. They say it never gets hotter than 90 degrees up here, because we are at such a high altitude, but it is EXTREMELY easy to get a tan. Trust me, I know this to be true.

I honestly have made so many friends... I sound like a little kid when I say that, but I really have. Like, its so hard to explain the atmosphere up here to you. There really is no tension between ANYONE... or at least tension that I am aware of... everyone just gets along. I could go up to anyone and just start hanging out with them and that would be totally fine. There are 70 BYU students working up here, and I honestly haven't found a single on that I don't like.

Lets see... the campers come up on Saturday, and we do an opening show for them which consists of a bunch of songs and skits... its probably one of my favorite times of the weeks. Every Sunday we have a fireside, (Elder Holland is going to come speak to us!!!) Monday is Aspen follies, where everyone just plays games. Tuesday is frontier night, where we dress up as cowboys and do a bunch of cowboyey things... I LOVE frontier night. Wednesday is the hike day, and water frolics day (a bunch of pool activities.) Thursday is the DANCE! haha and Friday they go home.

I get a day off every week, and I only have to work about 6 hours a day. When I'm not working, I'm either hiking, swimming, or just hanging out with friends.

I love it up here, dear readers. I freaking LOVE it. :)

My romance life is basically at a zero. I went on a couple of dates with this one kid, who I kind of liked but I could tell that there was nothing really between us, and then he goes and asks out my friend up here at aspen. Best part of this story? She turns him down, because she put our friendship about this guy. :)

I want a summer romance, especially after watching "The Last Song" where Miley Cyrus and her guy have the MOST AMAZING KISS EVER on the beach... that sparked my sudden desire for a summer romance. But I doubt it will happen, seeing how the guys never really go for me.

Anyways, I hope that this blog will suffice for a while. I think I am going to go play piano or something.. or maybe go rock-climbing before I go to work. Who knows. :)

Here is me at frontier night last night, rocking my aspen grove shirt and my hat that I stole from Eric.

And me again, sitting on the wagon... this is my "come and get me, boys..." look... I know, I fail miserably. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

don't get depressed...

So... I know that I haven't put out a blog in a while. I honestly wrote two blogs the first two nights when I had to sleep in a creepy all by myself in the middle of the wilderness... but for some reason, it won't let me copy and paste my stories from Microsoft Word to Blog.

Which is very irritating.

Anyways... I'm working up at a campsite called Aspen Grove... It is really amazing. I do dishes for about 6 hours a day, and then play for the rest of the day.

Oh... and I am so tan. Be jealous.

...................... Anyways I'm busy all day long. So that is why I don't write anymore... I will honestly try to get my blogs/pictures up. Here is a little sneak preview of my next blog.

( I know it looks like this man is holding a microphone, but really its a spoon...)