Monday, June 21, 2010

Awkwardness around boys

So... I have always been awkward around boys... up until about a year ago, I was painfully awkward around boys. Like... I couldn't talk when they were around me. They would say things to me and I would reply "yah and then I, uh, I , uh, well, bite, wait, uh..." and then look away pitifully.

Lets just say, I didn't kiss a boy until I got out of high school. And even though that was awesome, I still felt awkward around this boy...

And then I went to college, and started hanging out with a bunch of people who didn't know that I was a socially awkward moron and I was able to, lets say, fake it until I made it.

But still, do this day, I still am a dork around boys. For example, this way cute camper came up this last week and I had a bit of a crush on him (he was my friends cousin)...

Anyways, I was trying to find ways to talk to my latino boy (that is what me and all of my friends called him) so I would randomly clean tables that were close to him, or walk in his general direction when I saw that he was dumping his tray... I was using any reason to get close to him in hopes that he would say something to me so that I could talk back to him... I was hoping he would say something like, "I like your flake flower in your hair" and I could say "Thanks" while looking up at him through my eyelashes because I hear that is a very sexy thing to do, except for that every time I do it I end up looking like a serial killer.

But soon I realized that I was probably going to have to talk to him first...but as I said, socially awkward girl here, so I kind of only talked to him about food. I would ask him if he liked the pizza, or if he tried the feta cheese...

Anyways... I get back to all of my friends and tell them excitedly, "I talked to my latino boy!!" and all of my friends were like "Way to go!" "you are amazing!" "you are awesome! "you are so sexy!" ...... ok so maybe they didn't say the last thing, but still, we all knew they were thinking it. haha. Anyways, my friends were like, "What did you talk to him about?"

Me: .... Cheese

Friends: ..............

Me: What?

Friends: You talked to him about cheese?

Me: What? Cheese is a very sexy thing to talk about... (I turn on the seductiveness towards my friends) What kind of cheese is on your sandwich??

Friends: silence

Me: See, wasn't that sexy??

Friends: silence. You have to talk to him about something other than cheese, ok?

I did eventually end up talking to him like a normal human being, which pleases me extremely much so. And just yesterday, someone told me that I was ranked one of the top five flirtiest girls at camp. That fact blew my mind. Maybe I am slowly digging my way out of my pit of socially awardness. Yay for me!


  1. kara we've tried looking up through the eyelashes.... i have the terrifying pictures to prove it doesn't work

  2. ok kara, on "she's the man," remember that one part when amanda bynes' character was tryin to teach channing's character how to talk to girls, and they talked about cheese? yeah because of that movie, it's cool that you talked about cheese. and if you don't remember that part, watch the movie and it will make your day.

  3. Dude Bri I totally know. That was the first argument when telling my friends that talking about cheese was cool. I told them that I learned it from She's the Man. :)

    And anna... I forgot about that incident, but now that I remember it, I am very relieved that I never tried that look on my latino boy.