Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My life, up to date

Sorry, readers (If I have any...) that I haven't been posted blogs as often as I once was. Its just that I am now working up at a campsite at Aspen Grove, and literally I am just busy all day long.

I absolutely love it up here. It is honestly and truly the prettiest place I have ever seen in my whole life. I live at the top of a mountain, with mountains surrounding me, and all of the mountains are covered in evergreens. There is a stream that runs through the middle of the campsite, so that I constantly am hearing the sound of rushing water. They say it never gets hotter than 90 degrees up here, because we are at such a high altitude, but it is EXTREMELY easy to get a tan. Trust me, I know this to be true.

I honestly have made so many friends... I sound like a little kid when I say that, but I really have. Like, its so hard to explain the atmosphere up here to you. There really is no tension between ANYONE... or at least tension that I am aware of... everyone just gets along. I could go up to anyone and just start hanging out with them and that would be totally fine. There are 70 BYU students working up here, and I honestly haven't found a single on that I don't like.

Lets see... the campers come up on Saturday, and we do an opening show for them which consists of a bunch of songs and skits... its probably one of my favorite times of the weeks. Every Sunday we have a fireside, (Elder Holland is going to come speak to us!!!) Monday is Aspen follies, where everyone just plays games. Tuesday is frontier night, where we dress up as cowboys and do a bunch of cowboyey things... I LOVE frontier night. Wednesday is the hike day, and water frolics day (a bunch of pool activities.) Thursday is the DANCE! haha and Friday they go home.

I get a day off every week, and I only have to work about 6 hours a day. When I'm not working, I'm either hiking, swimming, or just hanging out with friends.

I love it up here, dear readers. I freaking LOVE it. :)

My romance life is basically at a zero. I went on a couple of dates with this one kid, who I kind of liked but I could tell that there was nothing really between us, and then he goes and asks out my friend up here at aspen. Best part of this story? She turns him down, because she put our friendship about this guy. :)

I want a summer romance, especially after watching "The Last Song" where Miley Cyrus and her guy have the MOST AMAZING KISS EVER on the beach... that sparked my sudden desire for a summer romance. But I doubt it will happen, seeing how the guys never really go for me.

Anyways, I hope that this blog will suffice for a while. I think I am going to go play piano or something.. or maybe go rock-climbing before I go to work. Who knows. :)

Here is me at frontier night last night, rocking my aspen grove shirt and my hat that I stole from Eric.

And me again, sitting on the wagon... this is my "come and get me, boys..." look... I know, I fail miserably. :)

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  1. ah!!!!!! you look adorable!! all this sounds like fun and I'm jealous.