Monday, November 26, 2012


Every hit those moments when you feel like you aren't living life to your fullest? That's how I feel right now.  I'm just lounging on my couch, looking at pictures in my past where I literally went dancing every weekend.

And now I want to go dancing.

Not the dances where there are only a select few dancing in the middle of the dance floor.
Or the dances where half the people are dancing and the other half are "too cool" to dance.

I'm talking a dance where you go and EVERYONE is dancing like mad, and every two seconds some random stranger is pressed up against your back. Or even better, a dance where you get covered in paint or powder or some other substance. Even when the paint gets in your eyes, you keep dancing anyway.  The kind of dance where you dance until you are exhausted, but you don't even realize you are exhausted until you are driving home.

I want to go dancing.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bangs, or no bangs?

So I've been debating about how I want to change up my hairstyle for the last few months... so today I tried doing the online thing where they show you how different hairstyles look on you... and they looked ridiculous.  So I decided to go to my trusty friend, PAINT, and see what I could do myself.  And I want to know, what should I do with my hair??

** Note.  I realize that I look quite deathly in these pictures.  And that my drawings are quite ridiculous.  But I'm asking you to look past all that and tell me what I should do!

This is me, with no makeup and my hair pulled back. 

This is what I would look like with no bangs.  

 Side swept bangs, maybe?

 Blunt bangs!
 Platinum blond, no bangs, short hair
 Platinum blonde, short hair, side swept bangs

Which one, which one? Or, you could tell me another hair-do that I didn't draw.  I just want a change.

Haha, I just read over this blog and laughed out loud.  This is so ridiculous, but I'm posting anyways. :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

It's been a while

Ok, so it may have been a while since I have written on this thing.  I think about this blog a lot, actually.  Something traumatic will happen during my day and I think, "I'll blog about it tonight." But then I get home, and either I have a million papers to write or "Social Network" is on TV and blogging never gets done.

Is it bad that I'm not an athletic person? Like... at all? Or that I never, EVER work out? My sister said that I'm a skinny fat (116 lbs, but no muscle on me.) I can live with it, but I really do want to be healthy.  I try to eat my fruits, or walk briskly as I walk from one end of campus to the next. But most of the time, I just feel like I need to be out there DOING SOMETHING.

So please, tell me how you motivate yourself to work out, what you do, and how you simply set aside time to do it!

Ok, let's do a brief rundown of this semester, shall we?

  1. I'm married.  And in school.  All of my married friends told me that school would be SO much easier once you were married because you had less of a life, and you and significant other would just be responsible and study all the night long.  Not so.  Not even a little bit.  Once I step foot into my apartment, all productivity stays on the doorstep.  As soon as I see my husband, all I want to do is curl up with him, watch hilarious YouTube videos, and talk about nothing for hours.  There really is nothing like being married to your best friend.  I love Lucas more than I have ever loved another person, and I am amazed that this love keeps growing. Ah!
  2. Despite the fact that I can't do homework in my apartment, I'm doing fairly well this semester! Got through my first round of midterms, and am about to start my next round next week.  I have a huge paper due on Wednesday (which my professor told me we should take 30 hours on.)
    1. Ok, I'm going to digress. The above professor is super intense.  We have two 30-hour papers due this semester, and one 80-hour paper due as well.  Not to mention daily quizzes on tons of reading every day in class, plus two midterms and a final.  Oh, and did I mention it was behavioral neuroscience? Weirdly... it's one of my favorite classes.  
  3. I'm President of BYU psychology club, Psych Association.  This is way crazier than I thought it would be, but way more fulfilling than I thought it would be as well.  I love my major!
  4. I'm the office supervisor over two restaurants on campus.  Crazy sauce.  I work about 20 hours a week doing that, but I love all of the employees so it is just magical.
  5. I'm a research assistant to health psychologist Dr. Chad Jensen at BYU, and we are doing a ton of studies right now.  I'm personally responsible for recruitment for a weight loss study (haha).  I love doing research with this guy!
  6. I'm also a research assistant for health psychologist Dr. Patrick Steffen.  He does a lot of stress tests, which is really fun.  Its my job to get people as stressed as possible (most of the time by telling them that they are doing a bad job at something) to see how they react.  
  7. I try to cook, I really do.  But most of the time, we eat left overs/ mooch off of friends/ go to events on campus for the free food.  I try to cook at least one delicious meal a week (in HUGE quantities so I won't have to cook for days.)  A week ago I made potato soup that I literally just finished yesterday.  Yum.  
  8. Cleaning... well, I was so much better at that BEFORE school started.  Now most of the time our textbooks and assignments are strewn across the coffee table and counters. 
  9. If you thought that making friends when you were single was any sort of challenge, wait until you are married.  You now have to make couple friends, and so that's FOUR relationships that have to match to work.  Thankfully, we were blessed with amazing neighbors and previous couple friends, so the transition hasn't been too hard.
  10. I'm trying my best to be the best person I can be.  I'm coming to understand myself more and more each day. Remind me one day to post about shadow complexes and how they are changing my life.
I love my life.  Seriously.  I'll lay in bed and just cry, telling Lucas how happy I am right now.  I may be swamped with school, essentially always sick with some sort of illness, and have no social life, but even I cannot deny how incredibly blessed I am.  In relief society the other day, the women giving the lesson was saying how blessed she was because she came from a family where all of her family members were active, where her parents where still together, that she had no debt, and that is why she was so grateful.  And I realized then, that I didn't have any of those things.  But in no way did I feel like I hadn't been tremendously blessed. In no way have can I deny that I haven't had a freaking amazing life.  Has it been bumpy? Sometimes, tremendously.  But I have never, at any point in my life, thought that I had nothing to be grateful for. 

Wow, this is a long blog.  I could seriously write about a million things right now. Who knows? Maybe I will in the next few weeks.  Now, wouldn't that be exiting? :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012


In four days, I will have been married to Lucas for two months.  To be quite honest, I was terrified to become a WIFE.  Yes, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of forever with Lucas, and that I wanted to spend all of my free time with him, but there was something very ominous about the title "wife." I have never been much of a cook, I am incredibly messy, I like to buy junk food and watch movies late at night.... and I just couldn't see myself being a wife.  

I'm pleased to announce that house-wivery is becoming easier as the days tick on.  I don't know why, but by having a new apartment where everything inside of it is mine, I want my apartment to be clean! I always think to myself, "what if this friend came over to see our apartment for the first time, and it was a mess? I MUST CLEAN!" So I find myself doing my dishes after I eat, cleaning the living room a million times a day, and even - if you can believe it - putting away my clothes after I wear them. THE MADNESS! 

As far as cooking goes, it is an ongoing adventure.  Sometimes I cook meals and pronounce "I am a freaking awesome cook!" while other times I make meals and tell Lucas, "You don't have to eat it... really, you don't."  there have been a few cooking highlights since we have been married.  The other day, spur of the moment, I made lemon chicken that was to die for.  Yesterday, I made homemade cookies and cream ice-cream (that I am eating right now.  Tell me, is 10am too early for a bowl of ice-cream?) Let's see... oh ya, I made this AWESOME Caribbean Jerk Chicken.  Seriously, if you want the recipe, I will be more than happy to give it to you, as all should partake in this chicken. 

All in all, house-wivery isn't all that bad.  I guess it helps that I am madly in love with my husband, and doing things like cleaning and cooking and massages are just many ways that I like to show him that I love him. Now the real question... what to cook for tonight? 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Now, that makes a girl feel good!

So I logged into blogger today, and it sure has changed since I started blogging.  Did you know they have a STATS TRACKER?? I get excited because my page has had 3500 views.  Like, really excited.  (Yes, in the back of my mind, I realize that my mom and sister probably make up 2700 of those views, but still.) 

So I was just clicking around, noticing that on my highest day I got 6 views in one day! Just think, half a dozen people that day thought about me enough to want to see how I was doing. Now, that makes a girl feel good!

I have to say, my favorite stat was about how people found me.  About 90% or so just googled my blog name, but there was one instance where someone found my blog by searching "do they have knee high socks at Fred Meyer?" confused? Go here: It was a proud moment.

P.S. I'm still not well enough acquainted with blogger to know how to post an actual shortcut to other blog posts of mine.  I actually had to google "do they have knee high socks at Fred Meyer to find the above blog post, which, sadly, is going to skew my stats.  Sigh, what I do for you, dear readers.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hey, guess what? Since I have last posted, I have been engaged, then married, then married for a month.  Crazy, right? I figure, maybe I will try giving this blogging thing a shot. Maybe....

Why not become A BLOGGING QUEEN?

I could blog every-day about everything that happens to me! I can make delicious foods and take pictures of it (or draw pictures of it) and post them here! I'll go on adventures and actually tell you about them, or pick out cute outfits and post pictures of them! I'll tell you all about my school load and course load, take pictures of my homework, let you know when I need to go to the bathroom.  Oh, and now that I'm married, I can fill you in on all the intimate details about me and Lucas' life! I'll take pictures of the apartment and of Lucas and of my doorstep and post them all here.  It's perfect!

Or... I could keep up my tradition and mad post about 3 times a semester. And keep in mind, these posts probably won't be about what's currently going on in life, but about a past event that I thought of randomly and thought "... ya, that's blogable."

So here am I, touching base with all of you... ok, let's face it, there is no "all of you" anymore, as probably next to no one reads my blog anymore.  But it's worth a shot, so here I go!

Let's catch you up!... tomorrow.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


**disclaimer - this very well may be the gushiest blog that I have ever written. Beware...**

If you haven't already guessed by the title... I AM ENGAGED!! After two years of friendship with Lucas, four months of wanting to date him, and one year of exclusively dating him, it has happened. :) I am completely and utterly in love with Lucas Duraccio, and I am exciting to spend the rest of eternity with him. He is everything that I could ever want in a man; he is kind, caring, funny, sweet, compassionate, athletic, musical, spiritual, intelligent, understanding, sensitive... and I know that he loves me unconditionally. There is something special in knowing that you can be completely yourself around somebody... that you can tell him anything, confess your deepest darkest corners to him, and be your dorky self in front of him. Agh, I love him!!!

OK, ok, on to the proposal story. :)

So, in the beginning of January Lucas and I went ring shopping together. I picked out my top 3 rings from a few jewelers, and told Lucas that he could pick (though he knew my very favorite, lol.) So for the last month I have just been waiting for the signs that he was going to propose. The sunday before he proposed, he told me that he was going to get my parents numbers from my phone eventually... well, later that Sunday, I was playing Zelda by myself in Lucas' apartment (he was talking to his parents in his bedroom) and all of the sudden I get a call from my mom.

Mom: "Why did Lucas just try calling me?"
Kara: ".............. mom, I don't think I'm supposed to know that."
Mom: "Why?.... oh crap! Is he there?"
(Lucas peeks his little head into the room.)
Kara : " .. .. . uh... "
Mom: "Ah! Don't tell him I told you, DON'T TELL HIM I TOLD YOU!"
Kara: "... uh, ok see you later!"

Lucas never suspected, MWAHAHAHA.

Later that week my dad called and spilled the beans. Bless Lucas' little heart, trying to keep this all from me while my family can't keep a secret. So from Sunday forward I was suspicious of everything Lucas did.

It's a tradition for Lucas and I to go on a real date at least once a week. So on Wednesday Lucas tells me

Lucas: "Oh, I have a date idea for this weekend! Let's go to this concert in Salt Lake."
Kara: (instantly suspicious.) "Oh, what is the concert?"
Lucas: "Um, it has violins and singing in it."
Kara: "OK."
Lucas: "We have to dress up fancy though.
Kara: (even more suspicious...) "Sounds great!"

So Saturday arrives, and I curl my hair and put on my witch dress. (It is black and purple and always reminds me of what a witch would wear.) Lucas came over, and he was looking as handsome as always. As you are probably aware, last Saturday was BEAUTIFUL (50 degrees is February? Yes please!) so just as Lucas and I are about to head up to Salt Lake City...

Lucas: "Hey... since it's such a nice day outside, why don't we go and enjoy it?"
Kara: "Ok! What do you want to do?"
Lucas: "I don't know, ... go to the park where we had our first kiss?"
Kara: INSTANT SUSPICION ONCE AGAIN. ".... sounds good to me!"

So we go to the park (little do I know that our friends Dawna, Sean, and Emily are watching/taking pictures of this whole event) and we walk around the park a few times. Eventually, we end up at the bench near where we had our first kiss.

We sit there for a while, kissing and saying sweet nothings to each other, when suddenly Lucas says, "Kara... what if I told you I loved you?

Kara: "Well, Bear (my nickname for Lucas has and forever will be bear) I would have to say that I love you too."
Lucas: "What if I told you... I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you?"
Kara: (so suspicious that I'm practically screaming) "well, I would say that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, too."
Lucas: "What if..." (Lucas gets down on one knee) "I got down on one knee..."

Kara: Pure excitement radiating through face
Lucas: "and what if... I took out this little box from my pocket..."

Kara: (Still saying nothing, but getting more and more excited.)
Lucas: "and what if... what if THIS WAS TOTALLY A FAKE PROPOSAL?" (Lucas opens ring box... and there is no ring.)
Kara: "wha...."

(notice how I am gently poking the box...)
Kara: (now realizing this is a prank and that engagement is not going to occur): "Gaaaaahhhhh!" (slaps Lucas and jumps up.)

Kara: "Are you serious right now?"
Lucas: "Hahahaha, I totally got you!"

(The following pictures show the fleeting emotions that I felt. Bummed - defeated - "you think you are so funny, don't you?" - "I forgive.")

Later that night, after taking me out to burgers to further throw me off from his real proposal, Lucas took me to the state capitol building. We found a secluded spot that overlooked all of Salt Lake City, including the Salt Lake Temple. We kissed, hugged a lot (it was kinda cold) and just talked until suddenly, Lucas was on one knee. At first, I kind of shouted "You better not be faking again..." Lucas just smiled, reached into his pocket, and pulled out the same box he had earlier. With a smile, Lucas said the words "Kara, will you marry me?" (At least, that is what I think he said... I kind of don't remember what he said that very moment.. my brain kind of just stopped.) All I could do was look at the ring box and say, "There is a ring in there...". Finally, I remembered that a response was kind of necessary in these sort of situations so...

I said yes.

We are to be sealed for time and all eternity on June 15th in the Bountiful Utah temple. If you are reading my blog... you are probably invited to the reception. :) I have never been more happy than I am right now.