Thursday, August 9, 2012

Now, that makes a girl feel good!

So I logged into blogger today, and it sure has changed since I started blogging.  Did you know they have a STATS TRACKER?? I get excited because my page has had 3500 views.  Like, really excited.  (Yes, in the back of my mind, I realize that my mom and sister probably make up 2700 of those views, but still.) 

So I was just clicking around, noticing that on my highest day I got 6 views in one day! Just think, half a dozen people that day thought about me enough to want to see how I was doing. Now, that makes a girl feel good!

I have to say, my favorite stat was about how people found me.  About 90% or so just googled my blog name, but there was one instance where someone found my blog by searching "do they have knee high socks at Fred Meyer?" confused? Go here: It was a proud moment.

P.S. I'm still not well enough acquainted with blogger to know how to post an actual shortcut to other blog posts of mine.  I actually had to google "do they have knee high socks at Fred Meyer to find the above blog post, which, sadly, is going to skew my stats.  Sigh, what I do for you, dear readers.

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