Sunday, June 26, 2011

For Chelsea

Guys, one of my best friends Chelsea has just moved to New York City... well, because she is awesome. Before we left, she told me that she was going to stalk my blog in order to keep up with my life. I kind of feel an obligation to continue on with my blog now so that Chels can be well informed of my going-ons. :) So every Sunday I am going to write my Sunday Update blog in which I can tell her about the exciting things in my life. (She told me not to put anything boring on here either.)

So here I am going to put anything that I thought was entirely exciting that I did. This week was very busy for me. I have been going to Seven Peaks religiously, because I finally sucumbed and bought a season pass. I would very much love to get so brown that I look like a different race.

I went rope jumping at this beautiful little lake in a town that I cannot remember. There was a ten foot jump, a 30 foot jump and a 50 foot jump. I could barely go off the ten foot jump. As I was climbing up the tree my heart was already beating so hard. The whole time I was waiting on the platform I was formulating excuses as to why I couldn't go... ("oh sorry guys, I have no upper body strength..." "Sorry, I thought you knew I was allergic to water" etc) But I ended up going off of it and I LOVED it. So ya.

Last night Lucas and I slept under the stars deep into the Canyon... well, more of he slept while I was kept awake by his snoring/twitching/my deep fear of being eaten alive by a cougar.


Lucas and I are still together. We pretty much spend all of our time together, which is pretty cool. Every Sunday he and I make some dinner together in hopes that maybe it will spark a desire within me that I will suddenly want to become a home-maker, lol. Some of our dinners have been LEGIT though. Tonight we are making a pasta dish, yum!

Lucas and I have this thing where we want to make every day of this summer memorable, so we try to do something crazy and take a picture of it. :)

Lucas is great, Chelsea (and my other dear readers.) But I have never been that big of a fan of gushing about boys on my blog. However, I will tell you one little thing... lol. I was being "sassy and distant" from him one day before we were donating plasma (have I told you that I donated my plasma? Oh ya, I do that now. I'm a prostitute, I know. Moving on.) and I told him to take me home. I took a nap and called him a little later, and said I was coming over. He asked me to wait ten minutes.
So I wait the ten minutes patiently and then decide that I am going to start walking towards his place. So I start walking down the middle of the road jamming out to my ipod when a car unexpectedly pulls up behind me. I scream a little, and turn around... and out jumps Lucas with a bouquet of flowers. :) Even though I was the sassy one, he got me the flowers. That boy.


I love my work. I work about 40 hours a week in my school's food court. I work in the office with some awesome people. First we have Ashley, who is super legit and funny and like... the most social person I have ever met. Then we have Jillian and David, who are cool. We have Meredith, who recently got married and stuff, so I swear she is like beaming all of the time. I have my bosses Christopher, Timmerton, Bradyton, Marie, and now Jeremy. I love my bosses!

I don't know why I am putting a work section in here... I guess cool things happen at work? haha NOT.


I don't really know Chels, *and other dear readers*... my life has changed so much. I am going to Idaho with Lucas this next weekend to see family and friends, and I am really nervous. Why couldn't I have showed Lucas my family when it was still together, or introduced him to my best friends before they were suddenly dating? I feel like all I have are fragments of life that I lived before to show to him, and it makes me kind of ashamed. I find myself always disclaiming situations, saying "Oh, it wasn't always like this... it used to be so much better. Trust me, it was so good before this point."

I understand that lives change, that my world before I left for college isn't going to indefinitely remain the same as I grow and change away from home. But people change and make decisions... mainly based upon their own temporal happiness, and I can understand why they would want to do that. And I am glad that they are happy. I am glad that my two friends are happy dating one another, and that my dad is happy with another woman. But I don't really want it that way. If I could have my own way and my own universe, my parents would have communicated better and hopefully would have been able to avoid their separation. I would make it so my two friends would suddenly be married to two gorgeous men who treated them each like they were the most wonderful people in the entire world.

I don't have my own universe, and so I sit with these fragments and make the best of them. I will always love my dad, and I will never leave his life. I will always be friends with my two best friends, because I value their friendship that much. I am not one to just leave somebody because of the choices that they are making. I am always going to love my family and my friends.

ANYWAYS, there is my blog. :) Expect one every week my dear(s).