Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hey, guess what? Since I have last posted, I have been engaged, then married, then married for a month.  Crazy, right? I figure, maybe I will try giving this blogging thing a shot. Maybe....

Why not become A BLOGGING QUEEN?

I could blog every-day about everything that happens to me! I can make delicious foods and take pictures of it (or draw pictures of it) and post them here! I'll go on adventures and actually tell you about them, or pick out cute outfits and post pictures of them! I'll tell you all about my school load and course load, take pictures of my homework, let you know when I need to go to the bathroom.  Oh, and now that I'm married, I can fill you in on all the intimate details about me and Lucas' life! I'll take pictures of the apartment and of Lucas and of my doorstep and post them all here.  It's perfect!

Or... I could keep up my tradition and mad post about 3 times a semester. And keep in mind, these posts probably won't be about what's currently going on in life, but about a past event that I thought of randomly and thought "... ya, that's blogable."

So here am I, touching base with all of you... ok, let's face it, there is no "all of you" anymore, as probably next to no one reads my blog anymore.  But it's worth a shot, so here I go!

Let's catch you up!... tomorrow.