Sunday, October 2, 2011

Well would you look at that?

SO much has happened since I have last written! I know on my last blog post I promised some awesome sleep walking stories... so I may get around to talking about them in this blog, or I may not. We shall see. :)

So on the 19th of September was my recording with Jenny Phillips! Thankfully I wasn't too nervous going into it because I was like, "why you getting nervous Kara?? you already won, home girl!" (That's right, my inner dialogue consists of a sassy black woman.) So I showed up, they hooked me up with my headphones and mic, and off I went! I have the recording on a website... but I don't know if I can post it here. AGH! Email me if you want the link, I would love for you guys to hear it!

Anyways, it turned out SO well, despite the near threat of me losing my voice. On Thursday morning I woke up with a tickle, on Friday morning I woke up with a swollen and bumpy throat. So what did I do all weekend? Well, hung out with my mom and sister for one... but I also sprayed the back of my throat with Listerine CONSTANTLY and drank probably 18 gallons of tea. Monday morning I woke up and my throat still hurt, but my voice wasn't affected. So that was awesome! Also, I totally forgot that I was even getting paid for it all. When she handed me my check at the end of the recording, I was like "... uh, are you sure I'm not supposed to be paying you?"

It was amazing. :)

Ok, so then September 20th was, well, my birthday. Turned 20 on the 20th!!! Let's see, what made this day so memorable??
  • Woke up to my apartment decorated up the YIN-YANG (still don't understand that expression, but I use it quite frequently.) There were streamers/balloons/baby-birthday-wall paper. I ran around through the streamers 5 or 6 times in pure excitement.
  • Lucas came over and wished me a happy birthday and gave me awesome presents (one of which is a falling whistle. Don't know what that is? Look it up. Seriously.)
  • I curled my hair on a SCHOOL DAY. That never happens, people. So my hair was rocking all day long (my hair hits about the middle of my back, like...2 inches past my bra strap. The bra strap is always the point of reference for me when talking about length of hair.... I love long hair. :) )
  • Classes weren't stressful, WORK wasn't stressful... in fact, during work I ordered some food and 6 of the employees brought me my food and sang me happy birthday. They even had a lighter for me to blow out.
  • After work/school/daily life, I came home only to go out to dinner with my close friends. We went to California Pizza Kitchen where I gorged on all the pizza. ALL THE PIZZA!
  • When we got home, there was a gathering of people there waiting for me. We did random things like play limbo with the steamers and rock out to some music. Kate made all the cupcakes in the WORLD for me (she makes the best cupcakes EVER). She made this home-made strawberry cream cheese frosting that is to DIE FOR.
  • At the end of our party, Kate tells me she has one more present for me. She sits me down in front of the TV and proceeds to put in a DVD. The next 8 minutes consisted of almost all of my friends being shown on the TV wishing me a happy birthday, talking about our friendship, and one word that they would use to describe me. I was laughing and crying at the same time (a pretty sight to behold, I ensure you.) It was one of the most thoughtful gifts that I have ever had.
Dang, my birthday video won't load. Well, if you are reading this we are probs friends on facebook and it is posted there. You should totally watch it if you have 8 minutes to do nothing... or you have something really pressing you want to do but you want to procrastinate instead. :)

Let's see... the rest of the week resulted in hanging out with the people that I love, taking classes that are amazing but hard, enduring the first round of midterms, going to my boyfriends choir concert, working 25 hours a week, etc.

Life is so good, people. Not because of where I am or who I am associating with or anything like that. Life is good because it has a purpose. I know who I am and I know who I want to be...and to be on track to reaching my potential is amazing. I miss Idaho sometimes, mainly because a lot of people that I love are there (like my beautiful niece and nephews) but I am happy to be out making something of my life. Grad school is just around the corner, and I know that should be stressing me out, but really... I am just so high on life that most of the time I don't even notice.

ENJOY life, people.

p.s. Next blog will be about sleep walking, I swear. My fingers are just tired of typing... they are like "Peeeaassee, no more typing!"