Monday, October 11, 2010


So I was just getting on my blog today, and I realized that my last post was September 17th!! I feel like I have betrayed you all... its like I found a dog on the side of the street, on the brink of death, took it into my house, nurtured it, LOVED IT, cared for it, and gave it little pieces of bacon as it slept in my bed, and then suddenly threw it out!

That's how I feel right now. I feel like I have neglected my blog... my poor little baby... it's probably starving to death.

Me: Blissful, blissful, unaware... hey... I should get on my blog... I haven't done that in a while.


Me: Oh my dear fish... blog... blog... are you ok?

Blog: . . . . . . so.... . . . . lonely.

Me: I'll post in your right away! I'll never let you go blog... I'll never let you go.

So here I am, fighting for my blog's life as I should be studying for comparative literature, or even better yet, SLEEPING.

But I thought that I will just quickly QUICKLY fill you in on my life. School is stressful, with my 5 midterms in the next two weeks and all. My social life is pretty lame, because all I feel like I ever do anymore is studying.

and my love life... don't even get me started on my love life. It got too freaking complicated, and then I started liking a guy who ended up not wanting anything to come from it... so ya, life is just complicated. and then I decided that I am going to become a MORMNUN. ya. That's right. A combination of a mormon and a nun. Or maybe I will just have an arranged marriage.

I just started rereading this blog, and I apologize now for the randomness of it all. But a blog is a blog is a blog... is a blog... is a blog? BLOG?

......... blog. :)