Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cosmic Bowling

So I went cosmic bowling last night with my best friend from high school, Anna. (I took a long time debating whether or not to actually say names in this post, but as I wrote this blog half way through, I decided that this post would make a lot more sense if I actually used names. If anyone has a problem with it, I will totally change it back to using mysterious names... (but by then everyone will already know who people are, so THERE))

Anyways, Anna took her boyfriend Stuart, who also took his best friend... who I don't exactly remember the name too, even though he was pretty cute and I thought he was cool... I'm pretty sure his name is Joe, and his last name is something that rhymes with pecker. The only reason I remembered this was because I remembered when Anna told me what his last name was, I responded with "Like rhymes with pecker?" and she just looked at me funny and said, "I guess......."

Anyways, me, Joe, Stuart, and Anna go bowling. Anna forgets her socks, and I rub it in her face that I brought mine. Anna's face looked so sad and depressed, that I offered to let her borrow one of my own socks, so that we each could endure half of the nastiness of putting your foot in an ugly shoe where a thousand other people's foot has been... unprotected.

But then Anna was like "I'm just going to go buy some socks at Fred Meyers."

I remember thinking of how much of a genius Anna was for thinking of this. I was completely ready to get athletes foot on one of my feet. In my mind there was no other option.

So we go to Fred Meyers, and Stuart and Joe instantly go to the technological section ....... oh, did I mention that they are both geniuses and that they share jokes that are so complicated that I completely feel like a moron in their presence as they talk? I didn't? Well, lets give you an exaple of their normal every-day conversation:

Stuart: Yah on Iron Man 2 they create a new element! (Laughter between Joe and Stuart)

Joe: Haha my question is how long was the (he says some fancy word that I can't remember) ?

Stuart: I was totally thinking the same thing! And apparently they used Borridium (again, I don't know what element he said, but it was something very brainy sounding) as one of the elements

Joe: Laughs.... because he legitimately thinks its funny.

Me: (eyes glaze over as I go into a temporary coma... I kind of look like this

Anyways, Stuart and Joe go do smart things as Anna and I search for socks. And then it happened. We stumbled upon the greatest display of socks ever exhibited.

Knee.....High.... Socks.....

For some reason, the idea of wearing knee high socks bowling was very exciting to Anna and I. Like, we thought it was going to be the coolest thing ever. No one would ever be as cool as us if we had those knee high socks. We were both wearing shorts at the time, and we thought it would be very stylish to wear the socks with the shorts. So we picked out the cutest ones and proceeded to the checkout.

But soon, we discovered that we didn't want the boys to know of our knee high socks until we got to the bowling alley. So we became ninjas, darting around Fred Meyers grasping our knee high socks to our chests, eyes peeled for any sign of the boys. Anna buys our socks and we practically sprint to the car. I call Stuart on my phone and tell him we are in the car, but I said it in a very creep and deep voice that was like "WE ARE IN THE CAR......... (deep breathing)"

Anna suddenly starts freaking out, screaming, "PUT THE SOCKS IN MY PURSE! PUT THE SOCKS IN MY PURSE!!!!!!" But I couldn't, because I was randomly flossing my teeth and my gums had started to bleed (I don't floss often) and I had to take care of that before I could take care of our super-secret socks.

So Anna frantically stuffs them in her purse in time before the boys get in the car. At this point Anna and I are beaming with excitement to put on our new socks (to which the boys were completely oblivious) Finally we get to the bowling alley, and TWALA. Socks were on feet, and I felt like a super hero about to go battle the bowling-ball-stealing-demon who possesses the girl's bathroom.

All in all, a good night. Who couldn't feel happy when rocking socks that cool?

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