Thursday, May 20, 2010

Most unproductive day ever? I think so.

So today I stayed home from seeing my favorite niece and nephew, my sister, and my two best friends in order to pack up for Provo. In my mind, I was like "Now, Kara I know that you want to see all of these people, but you have to pack up today, because you are leaving in the morning and you aren't even remotely packed." My brain won the argument.

So I woke up at 9... without an alarm clock. Got showered, got dressed, did my makeup.

And that is when the unproductiveness began.

So I went to my suitcase and opened it, thinking "I will start by organizing what is already in my suitcase. And so I did for a whole 14 seconds, before I started humming a song and then realizing that I really really really really really really want to play it on piano.

67 minutes later, I tore myself from the piano.

I decide to do laundry, which I actually do. (YAY ME!) and then I turned back to my suitcase... and saw a book that was laying there.

189 pages later, I go back to my suitcase. I manage to get all of my drugs in one zip-lock bag (I am a bit of a druggie, I will admit) and I felt so pleased with myself, I decided to take a nap.

And now.... sigh, now I'm blogging.

And I'm going out to dinner tonight.... and I want to spend time with my family before I leave.

This isn't good.

GOODBYE BLOG. I AM GOING TO GO BE PRODUCTIVE.... productive in finding ways to be unproductive. heehee


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  2. so you COULD have seen me but you instead you were lazy? and don't "heehee." This is no laughing matter. :(

  3. I tried Bri! I tried so hard... it just... it just didn't happen.