Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not the best blogger....

Sorry guys that I am not the best blogger. I don't give you guys a new post every day. BUT I try to make it so when I do post something, that it is freaking ridiculously long and somewhat entertaining...

Ok, scratch that, we all know that my blogs aren't really that great. I do ramble and I have a million spelling errors, I'm sure. But I try, dear readers, I try. :)

Anyways, today I woke up at 9:30. ON MY OWN ACCORD!!!! And I went running like ... a mile. Ok I ran/walked a mile. But I was really really proud of myself. Ok, and maybe half of that mile was downhill. But still...

Ok, so maybe I walked down the downhill part because my toes hurt from wearing too small of shoes the day before. The point of the story is that I tried to exercise.

Want to know something sad? To this day, I don't know how to spell the word exercise. Here are the ways that I try to respell it when spell check screams at me, telling me that I spelled the word wrong.





It is quite sad, I know. For some reason, I always have to throw in a Z somewhere. Say the word out loud. It sounds like there should be a Z. Lets break it apart. Ex - er - size.

English confuses me.

Anyways, after my good ol' exersizing, I decided to play with my 5 baby kittens that I discovered recently. I took them all out onto the only dry spot of grass in my entire yard and played with them. I have excema, and cats basically make me break out in horrible hives.

But these kitties are SO CUTE!!! So I play with them regardless, my arms covered in red splotches and tiny white bumps. At one point, I started screaming, because three of them decided they wanted to climb up my red tank top. Literally, I was screaming hysterically.

I happened to glance over to my house that was two feet away from me.

I saw an open window.

To my mom's room.

In which my mom was sleeping.

............................................................... I was scared.

I heard angry noises from my mom's room. They sounded like a centipede/dragon/gorilla being awakened after 5 years of hibernation.

I panicked. I scooped up all of the kitties in one hand and clasped them to my chest, frantically whispering in their ear "shhhhhhhhh, shhhhhhhhhh, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." I threw them back into their little home (to which I apologize to them now... poor little kitties didn't deserve to be thrown... but I was so panicked that my judgment was clouded.)

I ran into the house, and closed the door quietly behind me. I ran into the kitchen and sat down at the table, in hopes that when my mom/monster emerged from her bedroom, that she would think that it wasn't me screaming outside of her window.

Instead, my mom just got in the shower. Leaving me in a puddle of my own sweat, covered in hives, wishing so desperately that I was in the shower instead of her.

My mom knows how to punish. Even when she isn't aware that someone needs punishing.

p.s. I just told my mom that I wrote a blog about her. She asked me to read it to her. After I was done, she just stared at me for a while. After a considerable awkward silence, she said, "Go take a shower."

p.s.s Yes. I decided to blog instead of showering. That is how much I love you all.

p.s.s.s I'm going to shower now.

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