Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting behind on TV shows is noooo good

So as of right now, I am behind on a million tv shows. Desperate Housewives is playing in the background, and it takes all of my will power not to turn and look at the TV.

I just heard the words "Ange... come with me to Oregon before the bomb goes off... or I will put a bullet in your head.... and I will kill him."

WHAT IS HAPPENING? I am so very confused... but I know that if I watch it, I will get only more confused. I will find out that couples have broken up, and new couples have formed. I will find out that someone is pregnant, but not with her boyfriends baby, but with her best friends husband who turns out to be her brother. So an incest baby is in her womb and she will try jumping down the stairs to kill it because her actual boyfriend doesn't believe in abortion and if she aborts the baby in a clinic he won't take communion and he will complain he is going to hell... she will end up breaking her neck and being paralazyed and I will be so confused as to why she is in a wheel chair.

This is why I don't get behind on TV shows. I like to know what is happening, who is with who... I like knowing what I am watching. But... college has destroyed my TV life. Here are a list of shows that I used to watch:

Grey's Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
Brothers and Sisters
A bunch of disney channel shows
......... I know that there are more, but my mind has been drained of TV knowledge.

Here is the list of the shows I am caught up on now.

Depressing, I know.

My brain is like buzzing at a million miles an hour. Normally I have about 20 hours of TV a week to slow down my brain so I can walk around in a blissful daze... looking something like this
And then, when I go a week without watching tv, and suddenly I can focus... my brain starts to buzz and I start to get all hyper and I look something like this.

Moral of the story... I need to start watching more TV. But alas, this will not happen, because I am going to be CAMPING ALL SUMMER for my job!! ......... this could get very dangerous for my own health. Soon my blogs with be nothing but run-on sentences and weird sayings....

What am I saying? My blogs sound like that already! :)

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