Friday, May 21, 2010

Riding with my Dad

So I drove down to Utah today with my dad. I have basically decided that he is my favorite person to travel with. Lets just say that I got all of my genes from my dad... so when we get together we do stupid stuff. Because we are both dorks.

For example... I take great pleasure in poking my dad in the stomach until he shouts "HEE HEE" like the pillsberry doughbough man. And he says "HEE HEE" every time. Because he knows if he doesn't, he will have to suffer through hours of endless poking.

Poor guy

And my dad and I have a bunch of dance moves that we have choreographed together... mostly they consist of drum solos and the occasional guitar solo. But they are synchronized, non-the-less.

At one point, my dad looked down at my leg. I saw the bruise that was on my knee just after he did.

He pushed my bruise.... and this made me very, very angry.

ME: What did you do that for, jerk?

DAD:.......... you poked my belly. twice. So that means I get to poke your bruise once more.

ME: poke my dad's belly again.

DAD: looked very upset

ME: Fine. push my bruise.

He did. Twice. And I wasn't pleased, but glad to be even.

Just before he left to go camping, I poked him three times in the belly. The last words he said to me were "..........HEEHEE."

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