Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Having no car

So I decided that having no car is the worst feeling in the world.

Recently I flew down to San Diego (best trip EVER, I must say... I will have more blogs about San Diego later, so I'm not going to talk much on it.) Anyways, I flew back to Homedale Idaho, which means that my beautiful 1989 Chevi Celebrity named Floyd is back in Provo.

I had hoped that maybe we would have some old clunker car for me to utilize back at the house... but unfortunately, my dad only has his truck and my mom her car. My mom doesn't like me using her car, because she knows that I am probably the worst driver ever, second only to the girl who continuously texts and drives and ended up murdering a lady and her baby, but I might even be that bad, because even though I dont text and drive, I sing really loudly and dance and drive, which in my opinion is more dangerous because sometimes the dance moves that I use require BOTH hands, so I have to take my hands off the wheels for a good ten seconds and use my knees to drive. Apparently that makes me a bad driver. My dad, on the other hand, is all for letting me use his truck, probably because he hopes that I will wreck it and he will get a new one. Unfortunately, my dad's truck is a manual, and I have never been able to master that darn stick-shift.

I remember a guy that I once liked tryed to teach me stick shift. We were just pleasantly driving around before a movie started in his white truck, having an enjoyable conversation that didn't involve cars. And then suddenly he pulls into a giant parking lot, that was completely abandoned. My thought? "Dang... I'm going to get some action!"

But he just gets out of the truck, walks around to my side of the truck, opens the door and pulls me out. I thought, "Ok, we can do kiss outside if you want..." I smiled, and he was like "We are going to teach you how to drive with a clutch."

Lets just say the next hour consisted of me near tears as I consistently kill his truck. I would restart his car, stomp on the clutch as hard as I could possibly manage, and say, "I can't do this... please don't make me do this."

BOY: You can do this!

ME: No ... no I really can't. (hyperventilating)

BOY: All you have to do is--

ME: You have already told me what to do! I CAN'T DO IT, that's the problem.

BOY: Yes, you can.

ME: I'm killing your truck... I am slowly murdering your truck.... (proceed to put my head on the steering wheel...)

I failed to drive his truck past the first gear...

Which leaves me carless in Homedale Idaho. I am hopelessly dependent on friends driving me around... in my head I think out my driving plans like some hitchhiker. "OK, if I can get a ride with my mom at 6 in the morning to go to Anna's, and then later that day we can go to the movies in Nampa, and then Bri can come and get me from Nampa and take me to Boise. And then Ashley can take me to Caldwell when she goes to work, and then my mom can take me home."

But my amazing friends (Bri and Lee) end up driving all the way out to Homedale to get me. :) And all of my detailed planning goes out the window.


  1. I GUARANTEE I could get you driving stick-shift. I swear by it. Whether you agree or not :-P

  2. I really and truly highly doubt that. :)

  3. Don't doubt it my friend. I've taught the worst of the worst, and they've succeeded. You can do it with the right kind of tuition :-P

  4. Alec... I don't think you understand. I am worse than the worst of the worst. There s no hope for me.