Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bangs, or no bangs?

So I've been debating about how I want to change up my hairstyle for the last few months... so today I tried doing the online thing where they show you how different hairstyles look on you... and they looked ridiculous.  So I decided to go to my trusty friend, PAINT, and see what I could do myself.  And I want to know, what should I do with my hair??

** Note.  I realize that I look quite deathly in these pictures.  And that my drawings are quite ridiculous.  But I'm asking you to look past all that and tell me what I should do!

This is me, with no makeup and my hair pulled back. 

This is what I would look like with no bangs.  

 Side swept bangs, maybe?

 Blunt bangs!
 Platinum blond, no bangs, short hair
 Platinum blonde, short hair, side swept bangs

Which one, which one? Or, you could tell me another hair-do that I didn't draw.  I just want a change.

Haha, I just read over this blog and laughed out loud.  This is so ridiculous, but I'm posting anyways. :)

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