Monday, June 28, 2010

Scott hates my blog

So my "friend" Scott (he really isn't my friend because he calls me ugly and stuff, but I still talk to him because I am a nice person and that is what nice people do, even though Scott says I am not nice when really he is the meany...) Anyways he said that he glanced at my blog and that he hated it and thought it was sucky, so I thought that I would dedicate this blog to him.

Scott, here are some things that you should never say to girls:

1. That their blog (that they spend many hours writing for and drawing pictures for) is sucky.
2. That they are ugly. I don't care if it is out of context, or if you did apologize later. NEVER call a girl ugly. (Yes, dear readers, Scott called me ugly. I asked him to help me pick a profile picture and his reply was, "No, I don't want to, because you are UGLY." ............. I know.)
3. Don't tell a girl to stop "being the way you are." (Basically the last thing that Scott said to me before I started writing this blog)
4. Don't try to trip girls in the kitchen when they are carrying sharp objects.
5. Don't tell a girl you hate them... every day.

These are just a few things, scotty boy, that you should remember when interacting with the opposite sex.

I really hope that you take these guidelines to heart, because if you do then there is a possibility that I could one day be friends with you.

*On a side note, I just got over a freaking flu bug that made me puke so very much and I looked like death and I very well might possibly write a blog about it later but at the moment all I want to do is leave this room because Scott is in it and I want to go swimming. But here is a picture of me all sick and stuff. :)


  1. I concur. Scott told me that I had monster legs last night and it was very hurtful. Also, he always says, "I'm done with you," whenever he gets tired of being around me, even if I'm trying to do something nice for him.

    PLUS he won't share his Dr. Pepper and he steals my computer.

  2. Tsk tsk... will Scott never learn Kelly?

  3. sounds like someone needs a junkpunch.