Friday, July 2, 2010

Horrible blog... sorry

Ok, I know its been a while since my last blog, but I have recovering over an illness the last week. This week honestly has been the longest week of my life.

Lets backtrack, shall we? Last Friday, my friend Alise and I decided to go down to Provo for some ice skating/partying. We also wanted to go grab something to eat, so we decide that we are going to go to Olive Garden for their five dollar soup/salad/bread stick combination.

Lets just say, I was more excited for the food than anything else. Not that I don't get good food here up at Aspen Grove... its just that I wanted something delicious and fatty and I wanted to be served by sexy waiters.

Anyways, we go to Olive Garden, and find out that the soup/salad/bread stick combo is actually 10 dollars instead of five... So I order seafood Alfredo instead.

5 hours later, I awoke from my sleep abruptly and sprinted to the bathroom to barf. yuck.

I was certain that I had food poisoning, y'all. I was barfing all the time... my poor 7 roommates had to listen to me moan and groan and cry for my mom all night long. My bunk mate probably couldn't sleep because I was thrashing around on my bed dramatically while saying that I was going to die.

It was a very long night.

But, dear readers, it was not food poisoning that struck my body and left me a weak little turnip. IT WAS A STOMACH BUG EPIDEMIC.

The whole camp had it that week... there was throw-up everywhere... no one was eating dinner (which was really nice because work was easy for me) but I was really scared because I felt like I was in a scary movie where a small town that is isolated from the rest of the world gets a sickness and then everyone gets it in that town and people try to leave the sickness but the rest of the world gets scared so they put a glass bubble over the camp and then everyone slowly dies because we can't get medical attention because the world is scared of us........ I was so scared.

.......... Nothing much really has happened besides sanitizing every minute and losing my tan.

ps. I wrote this blog on and off for the last week, because of my sickness. I am too lazy to read over it, so I am pretty sure that it makes no sense and is extremely rambly. But at least it is a blog, right?

pps: to make up for my crappy blog, here is a picture of me as a baby

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  1. haha good to see you put stuart's picture to good use :)