Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The last few days

Ok, so the last few days have been really uneventful... or really eventful, however you want to took at it. I am learning a dance for national dance day that "so you think you can dance" taught me on youtube... sometimes I think to myself, "wow, Kara, maybe you do have the ability to dance on beat... maybe one day you can be a normal dancer!" but then I go in a room that has reflective windows to dance and am able to watch myself dance and I realize how sadly mistaken I am. Sigh... I look like a four year old dancing to an old brittany spears song... except that the four year old tops me. SIGH.

But anyways, two nights ago I did this dance over and over because I really want to perform it for the opening show up here at aspen grove (which is where the staff get up and do funny things or performs...) and I don't want to look like an idiot up there on stage, so I think to myself that if I practice over and over and over again then magically my uncordination will disappear and I will transform into a sexy dancer who can entrance anyone who watches her into a stance and then I WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD WITH MY ROCKING DANCE MOVES!!!

Unfortunately, that probably will never happen... but I have been dancing like crazy anyways... :) But ya, two nights ago I danced my little heart out and then right after I was done dancing, I started feeling really really really really sick. And I was like, "oh no............. not again..................."

Sigh.... I was so sick. But I'm all better now, dear readers. My tummy has been healed... except, I suspect that I am lactose intolerant!!! Do you know what this means??? It means never any more ice cream... never anymore milkshakes... no more frosties.... no more slices of cheese when I run out of food to eat at my apartment... no more milk on my cereal... oh so depressing...

Or maybe its all in my mind, and I am just getting sick for no apparent reason...

I need a doctor.

P.S I will post a video of me dancing very soon!!! :)


  1. being lactose intolerant sucks. but you get used to it. then you still eat what you shouldn't. and it sucks.

    but about your dancing! I recall you dancing pretty sexily at our apartment one day. :) hahahaha. love you girly.

  2. Haha and how you recorded it and can forever blackmail me with that video? ya I remember!