Saturday, June 19, 2010

All day party

So last night I went to a small place called Tabiona for a party ... I'm not going to lie, I was a bit nervous, because I didn't know many people who were going to be going there. But I had some of my best friends with me, so I knew that even if all the people we were going to spending the day with turned out to be socially awkward weirdos who collect their toenails, that I could still hang with my girls and have a good time.

The only problem was I was extremely tired. Like, the kind of tired where you try so desperately to keep your eyes open even though they are sagging uncontrollably. So I get the brilliant idea that I should get a Dr. Pepper at McDonalds, for that little caffeine boost.

So I order a small Dr. Pepper when the I hear the lady from the speaker box ask me tentatively "Um... would you like to make that a large Dr. Pepper for the same price."

Best moment ever? Don't be so sure.

Because I downed that drink in like ten minutes flat.

And I had a hour and a half drive ahead of me.

And I already have to pee.

So... anyways, I get to the party and the first thing that I say to the group of people who know nothing about me is "Do you have a bathroom??"

Looking back on this moment, I shake my head in shame. Because I am asking this question right outside of their house... so of course they had a bathroom. I am ashamed of myself.

Anyways, after a few hours of volleyball, (which I hit the ball successfully three times!) bonfire (I made the perfect marshmallow after twenty minutes of twirling it on top of the coals) and country dancing (....................................) me and my girl Jess decide to play Foosball.

So there I am, pleasantly playing what is quite possibly the most boring game of Foosball in the history of Foosball, because neither Jess or I was very good at the game, so it took us forever to make a goal, and the only time we made goals is when the ball would slowly roll into the goal and we couldn't stop it. It was pitiful, but fun none the less.

And that is when I saw it.

A giant moth, circling the light bulb above us... it looked something like this.

So, I did what any rational, sane human being would do. I curled up into a ball on the floor (as far away from the light as possible) and grab the foosball to defend myself.

My friend Jess decides that she is going to catch this moth... with her bare hands. I thought she was clearly insane, but I was too frightened for myself to say anything... and plus, I wanted that moth gone, and if that meant I had to sacrifice my friend, then I would do it.

So Jess catches the moth ... which was pretty freaking awesome, I am not going to lie. But then something terrible happened. Jess's face went from pure excitement that she actually caught the moth, to the realization that her she was holding a terrifying moth, to pure terror.

So she did what she thought was rational.

She freaking threw the moth at me. Like... chucked it at my face as I was lying on the ground.

I panicked. I threw the foosball right into the moth's face.....

........ And we never saw the moth again (said in the deep movie voice-over voice...)

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