Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh my poor body... it just wants sleep so bad. On Thursday night I got three hours of sleep, and last night I got two hours of sleep. Don't ask me why... I just seem to save up all of my energy for the wee hours of the night, where suddenly I become very hyper and have to do something.

But fortunately, I take naps sometimes during the day. My ability to fall asleep wherever and whenever has grown very much these last few months. I will have an hour break between work and WABAAM! I am passed out on the couch, laying on my tummy with my hands over my head. or I will be in my room reading a book, and think to myself, "ooh.... maybe I could fall asleep and then maybe --" and then I pass out because I gave my brain permission to shut off.

I just awoke from a five hour nap. I don't entirely know how it happened. One minute I am reading "The Giver" (my favorite book of all time) and the next minute I am getting a phone call from a coworker of mine asking me why I'm not at work... five hours passed without me even changing positions. I looked like this:

(Yes, when I sleep I sleep in extremely baggy clothes and my hair goes everwhere and I occasionally drool a little... Needless to say I am VERY attractive at night.)

Oh.... so tired... too tired to finish this blog. I'm sorry, dear readers, that my blogs haven't really been up to par as of late... I have just been so busy and so tired, and I just haven't been investing as much time into my blog . And I'm sorry! Expect an amazing blog soon!

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