Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things that I am going to do next semester because I AM GOING TO BECOME AN AWESOME PERSON!

So a lot of the time I like to think about the dream me... a kind, giving, beautiful, in shape person who can dance and act socially normal... who gets good grades in school while maintaining a job and a social life.... and who maybe is even a little famous, who knows? So I thought that I would make a list of things that I am going to do this next semester to help me reach my awesome self!

  1. I'm going to start donating blood... and not selling it for money. Just good ol, stick-a-needle-in-my-arm and suck my blood and give it to someone else, no strings attached. I think this will help me start feeling like a better person too. (Side note -- if money gets tight, I will almost surely donate my blood plasma for money, even if my friends tell me its like prostitution.)
  2. I'm going to start singing at open mike nights. Not only will it be a way to kind of put myself out there, but I think it will help me get over my stage fright... you know, the kind of stage fright that makes you want to vomit and cry all the same time? (haha just imagined what that would look like, vomiting and crying at the same time... I might just draw a picture of that, if I feel up to it. :) )
  3. I am going to run everyday... oh yes, dear readers, you heard correctly... I am going to run EVERY DAY and then next summer I am going to run a half marathon because I promised my friend Anna and her mom that I would do it, and Anna promised that she would run it too (She even shook on it... ok, I may have raped her hand into the handshake position, but it was a legitimate handshake nonetheless, and she is running it, and I am too, SO THERE!)
  4. I am going to study at least two hours everyday... sometimes up to 4. How do I know that I am going to study? Because I am going to rent a freaking study room every day, so that way I feel guilty for not using the study room. hahahahaha brain, what now?
  5. My hair is going to grow all long and pretty... (is that creepy that when I wrote that, in my head it sounded like a little girl was saying it? "My heer is going to grow out all lahng and preety..."
  6. I am going to make friends that are girls!! Yay for me!!
  7. I am going to eat healthy... I am going to plan out my meals every month and then shop accordingly to them... all the while not spending more than 75 dollars a month in food.
  8. I am going to be a money natzi, doing a budget every month and then putting money into certain envelopes... and once that money is gone in the envelope, it is gone for good! WHAT NOW, KARA? GUESS YOU ARE GOING TO GO HUNGRY UNLESS YOU PLAN YOUR MONEY OUT WISELY... mwahahahahahaha!
  9. I'm going to take a dance class that will hopefully allow me to establish some sense of coordination... and then I am going to go dancing as much as possible! woot... speaking of dancing, going dancing tomorrow night, and I am super stoked about it.
  10. I'm going to decorate my room freaking awesome with Kate... and Kate and I are going to make this semester the most memorable semester yet... :) We are going to be mature and sophisticated on the outside... but on the inside immaturity will run wild! Epic plans are going to be made, I'm sure of it.

Ok, ten is enough I guess. Point is, dear readers, in a year from now, this Kara is going to be a thing of the past. In her place will be new and improved Kara!!! da-da-da-DA! I feel like a superhero... speaking of which, I dressed up like a superhero yesterday, want to see a picture?? My name is the MOTOR UNLOADER (because I am getting so good at unloading dishes!)

Heehee.... That's Lucas on the floor... his name is Dishroom Distractor (I call him double d... despite the slight inappropriateness of the name. Double D is my arch nemesis... which is why I look so hateful in this picture)

Wellp, thats my blog!

hee hee.... I couldn't resist.


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