Friday, August 13, 2010

Super Quick Blog Post

Ok, so I am waiting for someone to come and get me, so as I am waiting I decided that I would write a blog. :)

I don't really know what I want to write about... ok, so I actually know what I want to write, but I am super afraid to post it on the internet where anyone could read it and then people would judge me and my person.

So I will talk about something else... lets see, its about 11:54 at night right now, and a friend is picking me up SOON so we can drive an hour and camp in somebody's back yard so we can wake up really early tomorrow morning and go boating! It is going to be very eventful/very exhausting... and come to think of it, I only got 5 hours of sleep last night... hmm.... we all know how I feel about my sleep.

Oh well, that is what Sundays are for. Last Sunday I took a 5 hour nap, which then resulted in me sleeping in past work. I was pleasantly sleeping on my bed when I was awakened by a phone call.

Jess "Hey Kara..... you coming to work tonight?"

Kara: (Trying to sound like I didn't just wake up)..... uhhh... ya.... ya I am.

Jess: Where are you?

Kara: Um.... Why? What time is it?

Jess: 5

Kara: (screams and drops phone and hurriedly puts on clothes)

I arrived to work in 2 minutes, only to discover that my mouth tasted awful and that I had forgotten to put on socks. Thankfully another coworker had slept in too, so not all the angry attention was on me. :)

Well, my ride isn't here yet, so I am going to keep writing... if all of the sudden my writing stops its because my ride got here and I had to quickly stop writing and push the golden "PUBLISH POST" button... so don't be alarmed by any unfinished writing.....

Ok, never mind, I'm done talking now. Sorry that this blog was lame.

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