Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So last night I was peacefully sleeping, dreaming of pleasant things like non-allergenic kittens and boys and bug-free houses, when suddenly I woke up to my CABIN SHAKING and the loudest noise I had ever heard and so then I sat up abruptly in my bed... yes, resulting in hitting my head, and then I looked out the window directly next to my head and I was blinded by a million lights... and in my head I thought "oh my gosh there is a plowtruck directly outside of my house about to plow it down, and its headlights are shining right on me... I AM GOING TO DIE!!!" and so I started freaking out. And then I slowly started thinking like a normal person, and realized that the lights were flickering and that the noise would start and stop...

and thats when I realized that there was a freaking thunderstorm right above me.

The realization that this was a thunderstorm scared me more than the thought that I was about to be plowed down by a plow truck.

THUNDERSTORMS SCARE ME SOOOO BAD. Especially when I am in a crappy cabin that shakes every time the thunder rumbles... and when the lightning outside of my window NEVER STOPS FLASHING...

I just curled up in a ball on my bed and put the blanket over my head to block out the flashing lights... but I couldn't block out the freaking noise and the shaking of my walls! All I wanted was for someone to cuddle me and make me feel safe... but I was sooo alone. :"(

Eventually, I hear one of my roommates whisper "............... is anyone else awake?" I instantly jumped out of my bed and said, "yes... I'm so scared." So we went out into our front room where we found another roommate who was sick with the stomach flu. We all just sat there scared together until the worst of the storm was over.

And I had to walk through thunder to get to my laptop to write this story. That is how much I love you all. :'O (That is my "I'm-so-scared-that-I-am-crying face.)

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