Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wow.. this officially rocks

Got my first ever gig... that's right, a gig where I play piano and guitar and sing for a club called "Muse."

How did this happen, you ask? Well I happened to go shopping with my two friends Nancy and Kate today, (in which we drove my little car Floyd... he only died twice, thanks to Kate's awesome driving abilities...) Anyways, I was in Pac Sun looking for (and finding) and awesome back pack because my shoulder has been hurting lately because I just have a one shoulder backpack... and when you have to walk miles a day with a 50 pound bag, it hurts a little. But I got a back pack with TWO straps, so my shoulders are going to be very happy...

ANYWAYS... I ran into this kid Richard that I went with a date on last semester. We started talking, and he invited me to a showing of his band in a place called "Muse" tonight at 8. So I told him that I would think about going... well, I ended up going with Kate (we got all dressed up in our new dresses that we purchased at the mall that day.) His band was pretty legit, and then me and Kate left.

As we were walking out, we saw a big sign for when people could sing. So I looked and saw that Monday's was open mike night! So Kate encouraged me to go back inside and ask the manager if I could sing on open mike night...

So I went back into the club, and Kate found the manager for me. We started talking about open mike night, and he told me I could totally do it. (At this point I am really excited to be playing and singing two songs, so I'm ecstatic.)

BUT THEN, he says to me, "Actually, would you be willing to play for us this Thursday for acoustic night? You would play for half an hour, sometime between 8-10... probably around 8:30. " So I of course said yes.... SO FREAKING EXCITED.

*also, I don't have to pay anything to do this.. in fact, if I get enough people to come, I get some money out of it. Not that I am doing it for the money at all... I am just excited to be doing something musical!

Anyways, this day has been super legit. So please, please please please come and see me sing next Thursday at the MUSE in Provo UT. Its 145 North University avenue... its only 5 dollars, and it would mean SO MUCH to me if you came.


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