Friday, September 17, 2010

You may have noticed....

So.... you may have noticed that I am not blogging as much as I have in the past.... yes, you are quite used to getting multiple blogs a day, thinking to yourself, "This girl is a blogging goddess!!"

Well guess what, dear readers? Summer is over... stresses are back, school is in action, I have to work AND have a social life. Blogging is getting HARD... sigh.

so I promise that I will still try to blog every once and while... but not as much as I used to. ESPECIALLY this next couple weeks while midterms roll around... all that you can really expect me to do then is have my nose burried in a book (either I am studying or I have fallen asleep while studying... you would be surprised to see the drool marks in my text books)

Sigh. I feel like my blogging life is beginning to come towards an end... is that sad? I just don't have the time to draw the pictures. :/

So maybe I will post a few pictures because I am lazy... let's see...

(this is me in an intimate relationship with a sweet potato fry from GURUS. Lets just say things didn't end well for the fry.)

*my owl ring that look so amazing in this picture just UP AND BROKE on me. I am so very sad.

(This is me about to go 70's dancing with Kate... I am provocatively lifting up my dress... ooooh sooo sexy...)

Enough blogging! I'm tired, I need to sleep.

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