Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GASP! Sleepwalking?

Hola, senor! :)

For your information, I am writing this blog out of pure procrastination of studying for an exam that I have to take tomorrow. And I haven't really studied for it. But as I was just about to settle down to study for my test (aka, lay on the couch) I thought, "you know what? You haven't written a blog in a while. You should do that instead." So here I am.

I don't even know if anyone reads my blog anymore, but I hear one of the biggest ways you can get rid of stress is by writing every day. And so I think, hey, why not write in my lovely blog? Even if no one does read it?

Today I learned how to strap somebody up to a machine that will monitor their body waves. It measures, like, everything, and it was a bit over my head, but it was cool. :) I also got to learn some interesting facts in my social psychology class about gender differences. Some researchers conducted a survey in New York City where they had their research assistants approach random strangers and simply ask, "Do you want to have sex with me tonight?" After recording all of their responses, it was found that 0-1% of women agreed to this question. However, a whopping 99% of men agreed to having sex with a complete stranger. Mind. Blown.

Overall, life is just really busy. I know that is all I ever talk about, so I'm going to try to not focus on that anymore. Readers, did you know that I have the tendency to sleep walk? And sleep talk? And sleep laugh and sleep smile and sleep look-people-in-the-eyes-and-freak-them-out?

Once, I woke up sitting on the edge of my bed with my phone in my hand.

Once, I woke up standing in front of the fridge.

Once, in the middle of the night, I rolled over and looked at my roommate and started laughing.

I have walked into my living multiple times, only to go back to bed later.

...... oh what the heck, I think it is time to tell my favorite sleep walking/talking story of all.

So I was over at my sisters house when I was about 16, and she wanted to watch the movie "Donny Darco" or whatever it's called. (Really good movie, by the way, I would recommend it if I knew what it was called.) It was just me, my sister, and her roommate Hannah. Right before we started the movie, I distinctly remember telling Ashley that she couldn't lay down on the couch because she was going to fall asleep. Ashley assured me that she wouldn't.

She did.

Fast. Like... within the first 15 minutes of it.

So me and Hannah, this roommate that I don't really know but kinda knew but not enough to not feel kinda awkward are watching this movie together. It gets to a part where the main male lead is just walking around, and my sister jolts into a sitting position and somewhat screams,


Now, for those of you who have seen this movie, you will know that there are no penguins. But my sister looked and was acting so awake, that both Hannah and I were waiting for the penguins to appear on the screen. Within seconds, my sister falls back onto the couch in a heap. Hannah and I started laughing, and I couldn't wait for my sister to regain consciousness to tell her this story. (It was extremely funny at the time.)

So, I waited until the movie was over, and then shook my sister awake. She sat up and looked at me, so I suspected she was awake. I proceeded to tell all about her penguin story and how she had been sleep talking. Hannah and I are laughing; meanwhile, Ashley looked something like this.

So.. I realize that Ashley, who normally would have laughed and asked "Did I really do that?", was still asleep. So I started tapping her on her forehead, pushing her around, until finally she shouted at me "I'M TIRED, KAR-UH!" This only resulted in Hannah and I laughing until we were drooling.

All of the sudden, Ashley (who was wearing a pink night-gown at the time) throws her night gown over her head and shouts, "OH GOOD, you didn't change me. I would have been PISSED if you had changed me." She looked something like this:

So, after much convincing that she hadn't been changed and that she really needed to go to bed, I finally got her tucked away into her bed. As I was tucking the blankets around her, Ashley looked up at me with the most concerned look on her face and asked me, "Kara........ what color are the socks?" Fighting back laughter I replied, "Purple, Ashley, the socks are purple." With that, Ashley's face beamed with happiness and she finally closed her eyes to go to sleep.

HAH! I did it! I wrote the sleep walking blog. It wasn't as good as I imagined it would be, but at least I attempted!

Enjoy life!

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