Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm butter

Why the title? BECAUSE I AM ON A ROLL! A blogging roll, but a roll nonetheless.

I was just at Lucas' apartment watching "How I met your mother" when I should have been studying, and I started to fall asleep. I ended up on the floor completely passed out. Lucas and I had to both be back on campus at four - me, to do some research assisting with my lab partner, and him to go to Men's Chorus. But I, for the life of me, could not get off of that floor. Lucas kept trying to pick me up, but I kept "dead-body"ing him. Finally, FINALLY, I put on my boots and we were out the door.

We were both already running late at this point, but as we were walking up to campus Lucas ran into like... a thousand people he knew. So we stopped and had a convo with every single person. We are slowly making our way to our buildings and... what do you know... I get a text from my research partner. She. Isn't. Coming.

BLAH. So now I'm on campus, and I'm blogging instead of studying, which is almost worse than watching "How I met your mother" as far as procrastinating goes.

That's all. I guess I can go study now. :)

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