Sunday, July 17, 2011

Crazy Week

summer time.
Oh my goodness this week has been absolutely crazy!! I am also very proud that I am writing another blog, hoorah for productivity! :)


Ok, so this week was absolutely awesome in terms of events. I did so many blissful things, like go to Lucky Peaks on Friday (where I worked on tanning my startling white stomach, lol.) This has now become a weekly occurance since Lucas and I have purchased season passes.

Also, we went to the HARRY POTTER MIDNIGHT SHOWING!!! (I especially missed you Chels. I hope that you dressed up as Draco Malfoy like you promised.) We got there around 8 and we got a pizza while we waited in line. The time passed by pretty quickly despite the fact that I didn't sleep at all while waiting in line. That movie was absolutely beautiful by the way. I cried on more than one occasion (from being so touched or from sleep deprivation, I am still unsure) I loved it so much.

Even though I decided to dress up as Beletrix, Lucas wanted to try on my outfit. So I let him.

Such a beautiful man.

This is me in my costume and Lucas rightfully in his. :)

Another picture of us... my wig got itchy, so I took it off. Also, there were surprisingly few people who dressed up... so I felt a little self conscious. But let's just say I was the best-dressed Beletrix there was. :)

Oh my goodness, also, this last week there was a day (I can't remember what day since all of my days blur together) where it was National Cow Day! Do you know what that means?? DO YOU?? It means if you dress up as a cow and go to Chick-Fil-A you get a whollllee meal for FREE. Chic-fil-A even has cow cutouts for you to print out and glue onto your body. And that is exactly what we did.

hahaha ya.

Enough events.


Lucas and I are doing great. I think right now he is under the impression that I am mad at him because I wouldn't let him drive me home. But alas, I am not.

This week Lucas's little brother is in town, which basically means that our alone time will be severely minimized. But I don't really mind that much, to tell you the truth. I can be with him alone, with him in a room full of people, or with him with his brother and still be happy.

Oh ya, we went hiking to Stuart falls too!! Here is a nice little pic from that adventure. :)


Favorite moment of work this week would either be eating entirely too much icecream, or the following instance.

So one of my bosses Chris was on Grooveshark looking up random songs, and my other boss Tim walked in. There just happened to be a picture of "Fire and Ice Condoms" on my bosses grooveshark.

Tim ".... what are you looking at, Chris."
Chris defensively - "ITS JUST AN ADVERTISEMENT!!"
Tim - "..... uh huh."
Chris, still defensive - "I don't know why they have to advertise these condoms here... probably because they are the most expensive kind."
Tim, casually - "... They aren't the most expensive kind."
Everyone - Silence.
Kara - Puts her head on the desk and tries to hide laughter.

Basically it made my week. :)


I don't have to pay tuition! Hip hip hoorrraaay!!! :) This makes me a very happy girl.

Also, I should probably study more psychology even when I'm not in school. Because I realized today when my Bishop said some psychology reference that I should have gotten (but I didn't) that all of my knowledge drains out of my head during the summer.

... I probably won't do it though.


I really do love this summer so much, Chelsea. It is probably one of my favorite summers yet. And this last week was probably one of the bests weeks of the summer as well. I love living life to the fullest (even though it does mean that I forget to clean my room every once and a while.)

Ok, ok, maybe last summer at Aspen Grove was my favorite summer ever. I just can't decide.


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