Sunday, December 5, 2010

So it's one...

Yup, its one in the morning, and I know that I should be in bed because oh too soon I will have to wake up and go to church... but I always find myself writing my blogs when I have something else that I should be doing.

Or maybe its the fact that I took a 4 hour nap starting at 5 pm till 9. That also can contribute to my insomnia.

ANYWAYS, I just wanted to relay a story that happened to me recently. Ok, so I have a tendency to always get caught in my underwear by guys that I don't want to see me in my underwear... for example, this summer I was caught 3 times by a guy that I didn't particularly like. So I swore to myself that I had learned my lesson, and that I would forever be clothed!!

Well, I just like walking around in my underwear entirely too much. But you see, normally at BYU, this wouldn't be a problem, because guys aren't allowed in girls bathrooms/bedrooms, so when would they ever see you so scantily clad?

Well, this year, I am living in a wacked up apartment. When normally bedrooms and bathrooms are nicely tucked away from the living room and kitchen, my tiny tiny bedroom is directly connected with the kitchen. So what this means is any time I need to walk to the bathroom, I must first pass through the kitchen.

It looks like this.

I can imagine you can see where this is going.

Well, it was a blissful Sunday morning, and I was about ready to hop into my shower... but I had yet to decide what I was going to wear, so I just grabbed some clean underwear and headed for the bathroom. After my 20 minute shower, I then donned my underwear and walked over to brush my teeth. The doorway to the kitchen was open, and through it I noticed that the kitchen window was open. I guess this is when I should have decided that clothes were the safest option, ... but instead I just continued my teeth brushing.

So here I am, happily prancing about in my apartment in my little white underwear (I always wear white underwear on Sundays, and no other day... I don't really understand why, but mainly I think it is because I feel more holy wearing it...). I then go and start to blow dry my hair... this takes about 15 minutes, and I blow dry my hair entirely upside down, so when I finish, I look like this:

Sexy hair, I know. So at this moment when I slowly whip up my hair, I happen to look out through my kitchen and through my kitchen window. And there he was.... about to walk into his apartment and staring in my direction.

So here I am, in my holy white underwear with my hair frizzed out to the max degree, locking eyes with some guy.

I looked like this:

After about 2 seconds of this horrifying stare-down, I slammed the hall door closed... I fell onto the floor, and hyperventilated a little bit.... I then proceeded to open the door very slowly, and army crawl my way back into my bedroom.

I would like to say that I no longer wear underwear around the apartment... but alas, I do. HOWEVER, I did learn one thing from this whole ordeal... which is to keep my effin windows closed.

Thanks for reading. :) This blog had actual pictures! HOORRAAAYY!

ps. I am almost positive that this blog has a million errors but I suddenly got tired and I want to go to bed while the sleepiness is there. So if you see some gramatical mistake, just leave it and move on.

I love you all! Here is a heart for the road.

........... I want a tattoo of this on my butt.


  1. now that our blog stalking is out in the open, i can comment haha. i love your blog. especially this post. its fantastic.

  2. Why thanks!! I can't wait to read yours too. :)