Saturday, November 6, 2010

I love my car.

Ok, don't be shocked, y'alls... I know it is quite the accomplishment for me to complete two blogs within one week. (that is, as of late... before in the summer I would complete two blogs in a day... but that was back when I was like, a blogging goddess.)

But here it is, blog number 2 of this week. Why am I writing so many blogs? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I don't really have many midterms coming up, and my homework level is pretty low... or maybe its because I want to procrastinate doing the little amount of homework that I have. But whatever the reason, you are in for a treat. :)

So lets see... school is going pretty well, I'm excited to admit. I think that I should be getting all A's and B's this semester! (Which is quite an accomplishment for me here at BYU, where people literally kill themselves instead of taking an exam. sheesh.) My favorite class would definitely be my comparative literature class... I just love reading, and I feel like I never have time to read anymore with college and life and such... so having a class gives me a legit reason to put aside all other important things and allows me to curl up under a blanket on my couch and just read for a few hours. I love it. :)

So my friend Bri just posted a blog that had a bunch of pictures on it... so since I am too lazy to draw pictures, I decided to do the same thing. Here it goes!

I thought the best way to start my picture diary thingy would be for me to start the pictures off with one of me on a dragon. :) I find this picture very intense.

This is me drinking directly out of the stream ... uh, I mean, the fountain of youth. It came directly out of the mountain, so you know it is safe to drink. I go there every year and participate in this ritual... now everyone knows why I look so young.

This is me and my dad at Cub River, the place that I go every year to fish. I seriously love this place more than any other place on earth... maybe its because it is so beautiful, or maybe it is because its basically the only time now that I get to spend with my dad now-a-day, with school and all. Or maybe its because I love to fish and catch 17 fish in a day. :)

This is me and my bestie getting ready to go end some fish's lives. Actually, we just catch and release. But I thought that the previous statement sounded more bad-a.

So we drove my car down to Idaho, and we were waiting for my dad to come and get us... and then we stumbled upon this beautiful railroad, and decided that it would be perfect picture -taking material. I am now prancing down this railroad with joy.

yay for railroads. :)

This is my favorite picture of all time. I literally am getting teary-eyed just looking at it. Because this, dear readers, is my car. His name is Floyd. He is probably the greatest car of all life... and as I look at this picture, I just see all the adventures that I have embarked on because of him. I drove him on the night I had my first kiss... he drove me countless time to friends house's... He drove me to school day in and day out to high school. He putted me along to BYU, which has been the greatest adventure of him all.

My mechanic told me that my car has cancer, and only has a couple of months to live. To most people, this fact would sadden them, simply because they are bummed because they now don't have a car. But to me... I don't know, my car is FLOYD. He has a personality... he always stalls on me when I think that he is going to fail, and he drives so well when I kiss the steering wheel. He loves going over 50 miles an hour, but doesn't really like going above 70 miles an hour. He hates coming to a complete stop, and will often die (as in stall) at a stop sign in protest of stopping. I love my car.

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  1. aw...sad face! fiona can be a little b, but i would be sad to lose her. i wish floyd and fiona could've spent more time together. i think they would fall in love. love the pictures!!