Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Note To Self

Note to Self: Don't think that the transition between relaxing all summer long and then working your butt off will be easy.

Note to Self #2: Don't blog when you should be doing a million other things.

Note to Self #3: Don't give out your personal cell number to all of your new hires. It just results in them calling you after your leave, and then working on work instead of working on school.

Note to Self #4: Your D&C class this semester is going to be life changing.

Note to Self #5: Don't forget to write a blog just because you are living it up in yellowstone/grand teton mountains/chilling with BF and BBF.

Note to Self #6: Always, and I mean ALWAYS, have a back pack and school supplies and a daily planner ready before the first day of school. Do not wait.

Note to Self #7: Do not, under any circumstances, procrastinate buying books until the first day of school. This gets you behind on reading and sad at life.

Note to Self #8: Don't forget about the cool things that you learned today.

Note to Self #9: If you wanted your college experience to be easy, you should have gone to BSU or UVU.

Note to Self #10: Life is totally worth it. These experiences are totally worth it. You have amazing and supportive friends who love you for who you are, a boyfriend who cares about you and wants the best for you, and a family that is freaking bomb.

That is all. :)

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